mnc full form | 7 MNC Company list | Advantages of doing job in mnc (Multinational) company.

mnc company (Multinational Company) full Description

MNC means – (Multinational company), MNC company is a company which has a branch in its own country. And apart from our country, in any one country or many countries, it should have its branch, its operations, offices – it is called Multinational company.

Multinational company is a company which has assests, assests mean good offices, good facilities means lots of offices. There are good facilities inside those offices, there are good cabins to sit in, air conditioner offices, beautiful infrastructers, and there are good processes, that means rules regulation process in which every human being is a working employee. It feels very comfortable and feels very safe and secure.

If one gets a job in this, no one can get out easily and there is not much dirty politics and the processes that are done are properly defined, smooth processes, and each other knows what is right, what is wrong Time-to-time, those people continue to teach you, keep on training that this thing is right, this thing is wrong.

If something goes wrong with you, there are so many channels that you can raise your voice to the management and the owners of the company are the CEOs.

On the other hand, you have access to the managing directors who own them, you can also talk to them, you can talk to them, and you can correct whatever goes wrong. So therefore those who are normal companies, or small private limited or national companies – in their comparision multinational companies, the employees feel more safe and they are also given good facilities.

That is to say, when you leave school college and find a job and if you get a job in office from a normal, then you do not feel so good, if you work in a multinational, then you are proud. Feeling that I am working in a good big company. The seating area is good, the facilities for coming and going are good and the environment there is very good, everybody talks to each other there, there is no discrimination there.

If you discriminate there, then there is punishment. So you can be fired. There all people are equal, people of all religions have equality among people of all religions.

And if you go to a small company, then there will be caste discrimination, all these things. In MNC company all these things do not happen, yes some groupism has started coming in some places, but still it is avoided, so to say that there is no discrimination there is equal treatment, equal facilities are available to all the employees. Are, there are good processes, the building is very good, the looks of the buildings are very good, you want to work there. In other small companies, the building is not so good.

You go and you do not feel like working there, it means that if you go to MNC Companies, then you will be motive inside, that yes man, there is so much peace, everything is being received from the company.

You have a beautiful seat to sit in. Air condition is environment, cabs are also available for commuting. Depends – what kind of work are you doing. What kind of job have you adopted? Then you get a computer.

Then you also get a laptop or whatever you work on, all the facilities will be given to you and for two to three days, you are told Induction, that is about the company and then you are trained in everything. Is, and you are explained and then you are put to work. All these good things happen. Inside Multinational Companies. So now we have told you what an MNC company is.

mnc full form

mnc full form = Multi-national company (mnc company)

Advantages of doing job in mnc (Multinational) company.

1. The infrastucture of mnc companies is very good.

2 . Offices provide all the comforts.

3. There is no discrimination in Mnc Company, all employees are treated equally.

4. Salary is good there.

5. Salary on time  is available.

6. Cabs are available for commuting to Office.

7. Holidays are available on time.

And there are many advantages to working in an Mnc company.

 What are mnc (Multinational) company?

A multinational corporation has its facilities and other assets in at least one country other than its home country. 

The second MNC company is – Facebook, the third MNC company is – Amazon, from which you shop every day, then it is a multinational company. Then comes – IBM, whose full name is – (International Bussiness Machine) who made the computer.

So IBM is also a multinational company and if we talk about Indian brands, TCS which is full name – (Tata consultancy services), TCS is a multinational company. Then there is – WIPRO yes yes wipro is a very big IT services company

. And if we talk about computers, then HCL. HCL is a multinational company, then such companies are MNC companies.There are a lot of MNC companies, like Microsoft, Microsoft is an MNC company that makes windows, and all the softwares related to windows – word, excel, powerpoint and lots of softwares which are Microsoft, they are a MNC company.

7 MNC (Multinational) Company list:

1. Microsoft

Microsoft is an american multinational company. Which is a very famous compay all over the world. The Microsoft company has a branch in Hyderabad city of India. It was established in India in 1990.

2. IBM

IBM has a full form (International Bussiness Machine) and is also a famous multinational company. Its headquarter is in Bangalore city of India. Its headquarter is named (IBM India Private Ltd). It was established in India in 1992.

3. Nestle

Nestle is India’s third largest multinational company. Nestle India is a company that makes food and bevarage, and this company belongs to switzerland. This company came to India in 1912. Nestle is the largest food company in India.

4. Coca Cola

Coca cola also comes in the top MNC Company in India. coca cola came in India in 1993. .

5. Pepsico

Pepsico is an India me top MNC company. Pepsico is a multinational company that produces snacks and bevarages. It is an American company.

6. Sony Corporation

The next number in the India ki top MNC list comes from Sony Corporation. It is a Japanese Multinational Company. Sony company is very famous for its products. This company makes many electronic gadgets, such as – Television, Camera, Mobile Phones, Headphones, Memory Card, Playstation etc. Sony Corporation is headquartered in Delhi.

7. Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. Is an American Multinational Company. This company is famous all over the world. Electronic gadgets like Apple company, Ipad, Iphone, Laptop, software are made.

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