India Beats China and USA in Digital transactions but how?

India Beats China and USA in Digital transactions

India Beats China and USA in Digital transactions ,Recently a very positive news has come out. India has beat China and Yuva Se is a unique SP article, unique in terms of digital transactions. India has left behind in digital payments. In the year 2020, due to the lock down and safe India of China and youth, so many Paytm phones are being offered on Google Pay in Pay today, if you make a transaction, you get a cash back, you get a prize, if you get a coupon. Because of this people are using very large numbers. Digital Payments is good to hear from Nac K Ne Kachanara but this release to Amen’s China US. This is a very big economy, but the capita income is much higher than India. So how do we here, in the manner of digital transactions of NITI Aayog CEO or registered Amitabh Kant SAB, India has passed the head, look at China, here we talk about the volume of transactions. But not talking about the value of transactions. Now if you talk about the real value then a common Chinese citizen is an American citizen. They earn more, less gourmet Indian citizens, they have a transaction, if its value is even a little, then we are not talking about it. We are talking about how much transactions have taken place. Even if the winds in India are 20 rupees, 30 rupees, 500 rupees, small collections are also on a very large scale, which happens at all, because of this India has topped this index and India has defeated the whole world. These overall volume and digital payment transactions are in good numbers without thinking about the new number, so it is a great thing to be able to do this by the number of news reports. Raghuram Rajan, ahead of us, the Governor, he also took this into consideration.

India Beats China and USA in Digital transactions and how ?

He also came and decided that the way in which India has made digital payments rights, it is a great boast and now the coach makes it a responsibility of the central bank. And when we talk that in India, more than the total number of numbers in India, they have got a lot more than the population of digital transactions even 2 and more people have gone out of the way and more people use smartphones than people. Internet. Still we have beaten the channel It’s Peace Volume. By this we have decided that there has been a lot of progress in India at the ground level. In the case of digital payments, you will ask the brightest, when you climbed, then something came up that told which is the top country which is the bottom country. Gold Proper Sonia Magar Top Ten Country Schools have ruled. In its report and reports are prepared by SI Worldwide, the name of the report is Prime Time for Real Time. Huh. The State Bank of India is their bhunga raga. Recently upgraded to ATMs of State Bank of India, they were considered much better. The contract of this is that if more SBI has started the work of upgrading the State Bank of India’s lakhs of ATMs on a very large scale, then you can understand that it is not a small company and overall it is very If they solve them worldwide with a ban, then this is their report and they have told you in their report that over twenty billion transactions have happened in India, talk in transactions by volume or above or will be the number later. India number two will remain on love China again behind South Korea Jia South Korea is also showing very impressive business even the population which is two years old is very small. The young population of the computer age in South Korea is anywhere from five to six million, yet on a very large scale they have made your digital and people use digital transactions on you. The US will be far behind here with its many benefits which is on the top of the country. You will notice that you were engaged in a lot of spirit lock down in 2020. If you follow my country photos in a good way, you will remember that there was a large scale photo in South Korea that was white, then people in London used cashless transactions on a very large scale So that’s why this cultural performance of America has come a lot. China by default was always in the top three due to its population, the sense lock down in Mother India was very long at this time. People have been in the house for a long time, many times people could not even go to the ATM. Many people who went to the ATM were a little bit afraid. If you spread this disease, then people have shifted to phone gourmet.

India Beats China and USA in Digital transactions and how ?

These Google Pay and Area Software nowadays Mumbai. Therefore, in these countries of the US, Japan is starting to return or pay which is bigger than the transaction. There are transactions in the US. Overall, there is not so much compare to other countries and tracks. That is, cryptocurrency bitcoin is a cryptocurrency of bitcoin, in this figure you will find crypto currency. Thousands of postmen in the US, we have seen that its use is very much in cryptography, so we do not do crypto currency in sales India. HD uses almost no and in the US, the usage continues to grow, so the real time transactions of all these senses or much less than that and some reports about India took the matter from a clear stand. They give you a specific limit. Two thousand fourteen years old says that tooth iron producers have come in digital transactions. He has also covered the demonetisation contract which was on you, he said that the demonetisation that took place in 2016, will make AT which is a cache this device. Due to that too many people shifted towards electronic payment and people got instruction in a way that these people can also make a full payment in the same way and then at the same time, which will increase in the compound system and in 2017, at the time of 80 There are percent Indians who have only one achievement from a proper bank account. Today, more than 80 percent of India, who have a proper bank round, this percentage was before 2014, but only you will think, but you will think that Habolawal right but the countries like America are there but Patel has to make night nine points. They will all have dollars, they will be arrogant slimming and good good night not quits. I always show you the article, show the report, I try to get the articles of reports so that you can go and do the research yourself. See for yourself the world has a lot to offer to the world which is not the same with bad memories. I made a video from Adi a lot of times and Russia and Eastern Europe and people are born out of popular poetry knowing that there is a very large scale poverty in Russia. And Yuvraj too is not able to make so much request in this matter. In India, if Logan is tied with HT above HT, then in the US, we remember 25% of the 2000 19 report population or youth who are either unmandled or under-bonded. These standards are made up of 25 articulate people who will get African American Community or Hispanic Committee or people of pay white you are very low. It is quite a realty and under-ban would mean this is a village but Big Boss and Very Low Balance today. At the time of that, it has been closed or if there is any short and overall talk of the population who does not have a bank account at all. If he never planted, his percentage is very less. Can tell differently.


Around five to seven percent, which is a huge number in itself. If you look at an article by 2015, you say to yourself that there are one crore 70 lakh people in their country who do not have a bank account. We do not talk about your children that the zone will be created for two years, so now such a promise will not be closed. We should talk to you about who should have a bank account, here on this you can understand that it was a big thing to open a bank account of people on such a large scale in India and a bad account bank account was opened, then tell you that after that Later, he can also do digital transactions, even if he has five thousand rupees in his bank account, he will also give a small scale fast in the afternoon. Payment is through the UPI which is through the apps. 

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