China Rover on Mars successfully landed but how ?

China Rover on Mars successfully landed, Recenty a very good news is coming out , China has successfully landed its rover on Mars. At the same time, China has created a huge history in addition to doing this. Now China falls under the category of only three countries worldwide that have made their rover a soft landing over Mars.

China Rover on Mars successfully landed but how ?

There are two countries before China that have made a rover land on Mars, the first country was Soviet Union and the second was USA, and now the third country has become China. China has actually made this old rover land on Mars on Saturday. With this, China has established two big histories, two big records. The first thing is that this is China’s first landing. This is the first landing made by China on any other planet except on the other planet ie Earth. Also, China has become the third country to have a successful soft landing on Mars.

China Rover on Mars successfully landed


when China Rover on Mars successfully landed?

China Rover on Mars successfully landed on 15 May 2021 and becomes the 3rd country which landed Rover on Mars.

China Rover Name : Zhurong 

Name of the Mission: Tianwen-1

The Rover is a part of the Tianwen-1 Mission, which entered the orbit around the Mars in February 2021.

China Rover on Mars successfully landed

First Country which landed Rover on mars : Soviet Union

The first country was the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union did the landing on the mars. It is very old, it is almost 50 years old, in 1971 they had successfully made a landing, but that rover stopped transmission. After 100 to 110 seconds he stopped transmission. Since then, no other Soviet Union mission has been successful.

China Rover on Mars successfully landed but how ?

After this, there are many missions of USA, USA has made its robots land on Mars many times, China has become the third country after Soviet Union and USA. The European Union’s Space Agency also tried, but they have not been able to land on the successful mars. China Rover on Mars successfully landed, and if it is going on in your mind that India has done this, then friends, what is the Mangalyaan mission of India, what is a Mars orbiter mission, it is not a landing mission, it is an orbiter The mission is that our mission is that our probe is moving around the Mars, it will go into the surface of Mars and go to the surface of the Mars and if it does not make a landing, then this difference will take care a little. This rover. While this rover is in full focus of the One Man Mission, the Onion Main Moon Mission, which is the biggest flagship mission of China, in which many things were included. I will give you information about this from Agra but I want to tell you an interesting thing.

China Rover on Mars successfully landed

NASA once said that he slept for seven minutes. Terror means that those 7 minutes are when there is so much fear in the minds of all those scientists that whether or not this rover will land, that all-weather simulator will be 7 minutes. China also experienced it here. China also had one of their scientists guess when this perticular rover was landing, they are trying to land their equipment at a distance of three and a half million kilometers and when they will land at that time 18 There will be a delay of minutes, no kind of signal direction will come, there cannot be a human from there. Suppose in good mate the parachute through which the landing is taking place. Suppose the parachute fails where it is landing on the surface. Suppose a rugged rough surface is found on the surface where you cannot get landing anything responsive. China Rover on Mars successfully landed successfully.

That is why it is called Seven Minutes of Terror and SMGS this China also has many great things that they have made it successful land. Before proceeding, I would like to discuss with you a little bit. About Yan One Mission. See, Yan Man One is an inter planetary mission, that is, it is leaving a planet and going to another planet and the space agency of China. It was launched by the China National Space Administration. Look at the total of it. There are four big organs and four big components are its components. First of all, it has an orbiter, that is, it has a compound that will move around the mars. Another is its deployment camera, which will photographic Bapaja.

Third, it has a lander and fourth it has a rover, so what does the lander do? The lander does the landing of Mahapoja and which is the rover. This basic will go on there, then in a way there is a small car that runs there and is able to do many experiments of pizza there. The thing is that Dhyan Forest Mission is Cashew Total Meat. This is around 5 five tons, that is, around 5 thousand kilograms of its tonnage. It is believed that this is probably the most heavy probe to be sent over the meat house which has been launched by any country till date. It is very long. China completed this plan and almost started planning it in examples.

Planning went on and on and on and on and on in 2020, a lot of big things happened that the main mission was named after it and it had entered the beat. In the first week of February and after the first week of February, it is April 24 2021. China took the name of the rover in the Quran and it was final that it was between 15 to 19 in the land that the rover is, and it has only paid 15 or so. Now this perticular rover has landed here. It is known that this is a site named after the scientists, Utopia Planet Asia by scientists. This is a site which is located in the northern part of Mars and at the same time it is believed that it may have been very much in its history, many years ago, it was a very large plane area, which was probably an ocean earlier. There was probably an ancient sea here, which has now become a huge plane and has been ridden there.

Why has planning been done there? Because this is a site with many layers and many layers of oil as well. If its experiment is available here, we can get information about them, then what will be the benefit, it will be known if water was available here at any time. Was there any feasibility on this, information about all these things of past life will be found here. Talk. During this time, one of the two things of Rover is more important to know. The first thing is that it is an Astro Biological Rover. It means to say that it will not only work in astronomy but will also do some work in biology. This means that it will first search whether the present or any past life was available on the planet.

China Rover on Mars successfully landed ,So these are all the things that to look at oil, these things are the work of a little astronomy, but to find out whether there was ever life here before or not, it is its biological work. The range-off surface is powered through the solar panel. Not only the rover but the lander is also powered through solar panels. But it will do these chemical analysis of pizza there and it will also search for bio-signature so that it will be able to find out whether there was some people or any life on Mars before today. There was no type of woman and any type of woman or not. See, this Almost is working as if NASA has two very important rover. If you look here too. NASA’s largest rover Curiosity which is still working today and NASA’s Yuri Roberta in the headlines, which may have heard the name Percy Rover which has been in the news. Who is the only helicopter?

You can also see here that it is a NASA lander which has six wheels installed and it will do full steam expansion in this way and this is the engine helicopter of NASA which is working with it. China Rover on Mars successfully landed, the big thing is also believed that the mission of this road is that China is actually planning another big mission, due to which Rajuram can do a lot of help. So the pre-cursor Future Mission China for France has planned after 2000 30 that a mission will be made which will also be able to bring the sample back from March. You must have heard recently what is this mission about that Cyrus who is bringing samples. From that astroid, China Almost is planning a mission that will bring samples back. China Rover on Mars successfully landed ,

If I am able to work well then Chinese scientists will get a lot of encouragement, their confidence will increase and after that they can also set a big record. It is a rover in 2000 30, China Rover on Mars successfully landed, this basic India will stay for the next three months, it will do many experiments in the same area and tell you that there is no money behind it. I have told this thing twice because the 200 boss was an examination in which it was asked how much money this perticular rover had. So that’s why engineers will take care a little bit.

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