Black Fungus Infection Symptoms Cause Treatment-(Dangereous Diasease) 2021

Black Fungus Infection Symptoms

Black Fungus Infection Symptoms, Fungus Cause, Treatment, all this important information explained in this article. Black fungus Disease or Black Fungal Diseases also called Mucormycosis. It is a type of fungus that is found in the environment around us, this black fungus is generally not a threat to people, but it is proving dangerous due to low immunity in corona patients. This fungus is of two types, first black, and the second white. Today, black and white fungus is found in most corona patients.

Black Fungus infection

After all, what is black fungus? How does it get inside us and what is the treatment for it? Let me explain in simple terms if the fruit remains chopped out, then after a few days, you will see a white-colored fungus, and then it becomes black. This is called fungus, and if the same thing grows in us and it grows, it is called black fungus infection. More than 500 thousand such cases have arrived in India, and it is considered very dangerous. Therefore Corona patients need to be cautious. Mucormycosis Wikipedia

If the symptoms of the black fungal disease are found in a patient, then he should immediately go to a well-experienced Ent-Specialist. This fungus comes from outside into our body, so you need to be more careful, and take care of cleanliness around you.

Black Fungus Infection Symptoms Cause Treatment


Black Fungus Covid 19

Black fungus infection is happening to people who are diabetic patients, and those who are diabetic, or who are not under sugar control. Patients who have been given a steroid in the Long Duration System, who have received immune modulation drugs, have been on long-term mechanical ventilation, or are drinking oxygen support. Black fungus disease infection mostly occurs in covid recovered patients. That is, there is recovery from covid, and after that, they get this infection.

In Which states black fungus Cases increasing?

  • Delhi
  • Maharastra
  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Hariyana
  • Telangana
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Kerala
  • Bihar
  • Punjab
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Chattishgarh
  • Jharkhand

In some states of India, it has been epidemic, those states are:

  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Punjab
  • Telangana
  • Tamil Nadu

Currently, cases of black fungus infection are rarely found. Because it is being told by doctors that the chances of this happening are very less. So people do not need to panic but need to be careful.

Black Fungus Infection Symptoms 

  • Black fungus Symptoms mainly show some common symptoms, like There may be a pain in your cheeks.
  • Nasal congestion may occur.
  • Black or brown discharge from the nose.
  • Restricted eye movement – Difficulty in moving eyes.
  • PTOSIS of Eyelid -Eyelid bending.
  • proptosis of eye- Eyes grow bigger.
  • Skin Discolouration – Dark Spots on the skin.
  • May bleed from the nose
  • There will be a headache.
  • Will affect the eyes.
  • Swelling of the eyes may occur.
  • There may be swelling in the face.
  • In Black fungus Symptoms, you may feel Blurred vision or Double vision.
  • There may be a toothache or the teeth may be loose.
  • In some cases, due to black fungus infection, the eyesight is completely lost.

As soon as these symptoms are seen go to the doctors immediately. Because this disease can spread to your eyes and brain. Due to which the eyes can become completely defective, after which the doctors may have to remove the eyes through surgery.

In some cases, the infection reaches both the eyes of the patient, in which both the eyes of the patient have to be removed by surgery because there is a high amount of black fungus infection in them. It is mainly seen in Black Fungal Infection post covid patients.

Dr. Akshay Nair, a Mumbai-based eye surgeon shared his story on BBC NEWS about the Black Fungus :

Black Fungus Infection Causes

To cure corona patients, steroids are given, due to which their immunity is reduced. Due to this, he gets black fungal disease. This disease is not happening to all corona patients, this disease has been seen in few patients. This disease can also occur due to high sugar level in the patients. Because of high sugar level, there is also a black fungal disease infection.

Black Fungus Infection Symptoms Cause Treatment

Black Fungus Infection Treatment

In the treatment of this disease, doctors apply anti-fungal injections such as – AMPHOTERICIN B, for 2 to 4 weeks, this injection is given to patients with black fungus. Amphotericin-B is an anti-fungal drug that is used in the treatment of a rare infection called mucormycosis or “black fungus”. This injection is a bit expensive. The cost of this injection can range from 3500 to 6000 rupees, treatment is expensive but lets me tell you, there is only a 10 percent chance of death. So there is no need to be afraid.

There is also surgical treatment of this disease in which the infected part of the black fungus is removed by surgery, due to which this fungus does not reach the rest of the body.

To detect this disease, doctors do some tests like- CBC test, kidney test, CT-SCAN, to know how far the disease has spread. Contrast-Enhanced MRI can be done to see how far the fungus extends into the eye and brain. Your blood sugar is tested and doctors mostly do a nasal endoscopy to see if you are having this fungal infection.

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Black Fungus Disease Prevention 

Black Fungus Infection Symptoms Cause Treatment

To avoid black fungal disease, keep your sugar level in control. Diabetes patients are more likely to develop black fungal infections. Because diabetes patients have low immunity, due to which they have a high rate of fungal infection, therefore, diabetic patients should continue taking sugar medicines on time.

Do not take a high dose of steroids without a medical prescription, it increases your sugar level, due to which your immunity starts decreasing. Chances of having a black fungal infection are greatly increased due to low immunity. That is why keep your sugar level maintained. Those who have recovered from Corona, also keep their sugar level checkup on time.

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Black Fungus infection news:

Fungus is the name of rising figures every hour and a new disease that is fast catching up with India. This disease looks more dangerous than corona. Skin infection is having a direct effect on the brain. Doctors have got the opportunity to treat the patient for a very short time. In the report we will tell you how the fungus spreads. What are its symptoms and what precautions can prevent fungus. The strange series of panic was first cut in the name of Karuna’s living variant and now after the new diseases Black Funga Poorna, doing another disease that took peace, with the discovery of the disease and the beginning, this very rare disease threatened very serious patients. is.

But after the manner in which this black fungus expanded its scope, it came to know that the beginning of a big epidemic of black i.e. black is considered to be very inauspicious in India and now this disease related to black is becoming a big disaster or fungus. How the country is getting caught in the clutches of country. So far, nine thousand three hundred and twenty cases have been reported in the country, whereas more than 235 deaths have occurred. The highest number of cases in Gujarat so far has been five thousand cases in Gujarat. While neither Falgu has died. There are fifteen hundred cases and no deaths in Maharashtra. In Rajasthan, 700 cases were reported, while in Haryana, three hundred and sixteen people died while eight people died.

316 cases and eight deaths in Uttar Pradesh, two deaths in a child case in Delhi, 117 cases in Bihar and one hundred and one cases in Chhattisgarh and one death. While 97 cases were reported in Karnataka in front of Black Pankaj, one died. No one had thought that the fungus, whose name was hardly heard before, would spread so fast. In ten states, this black disease started making people sick. The tragedy can be gauged from the fact that the fungus epidemic has been declared in many states in the country. It is clear that a large part of the country is now fighting two epidemics in one. The first is compassion while the second is black fungus.

The second biggest threat of millions of epidemics is what is this brand of fungus after all. How it happens and how to avoid it is the biggest question. To know the answer to this question, we have come to Malik Hospital and with us the doctor is now Prateek Sharma and if we talk about it, where did it come from? . I am in our soil, we are in water, but always, but at this time, its problem has come up in a big way, which used to be one or two in the year before, now we are getting charged everyday, so we have to see it. That is why their main reasons for immediate ink is that the immunity that we have, which protects us from it, has got an effect.

According to doctors, fungus is not a new thing. It has been around us for years. But the question is, how then did this epidemic become in a few days. Because of this, more than half of the people using oxygen cylinders is an important reason to stay in the hospital. Earlier, there was medical grade oxygen, they have diverted about it, is there any difference between the oxygen and whether it is going inside us? First of all, if you see the sequence of which is happening to the patients, then it is happening especially to the patients who have happened, then it is being seen nowadays that someone is downgrading your immunity in itself. Teenage girl P is also being considered as a reason, but the important question is that if mother can be saved from compassion then how can they avoid this new disease.

The biggest question is what are the ways in which the fungus can reach our body. If it is in the air, then it goes first through the nose, from where our genus is first discovered in the way of our nose, that is, the inner layer is the first to attack it, and then the porse grows and then it Who happens in this area of ​​the face and who attends so much school in between the eyes and due to being a proxy, he is again in the eyes. Fungus is considered to be more dangerous because the virus grows upwards through the nose, multiplication virus goes to the lungs, but plaque fungus grows towards the brain, that’s why black fungus cases are more visible than in the denture comparison. Always in a bad state.

We first show you the people who are using homes. Or if it has its referrer and nation in the hospitals, then its two reaches, which are these nasal parts. It goes in a note on both sides. This gesture is the second one which is placed in the port of oxygen. The part that is put in the port of oxygen, but the chamber in which this part goes, there is also water in the chamber which the water should be changed regularly, that water has to be changed continuously and use water. That is, you use the water that comes and change the photo daily with every patient, refill it so that if there is fungus on it, then it should not grow and it was you of infection.

This part on the skin that we use for nose is also very important and I have shown how you should apply and do not apply in such a way that it keeps on doing other injury with the migration inside the nose and which can also be the reason for this and Lateral infections are also used by the user that our fungal sports grow and gather here. Even if they are inside Apna. In. Doctors believe that fungal infection can be caused by very minor negligence or lack of information. The danger of coughing is more to those who are wearing masks through home stimulation and these people are undergoing treatment at home. Gujarat has the highest number of black fungus cases. It has been revealed here that Black Fungus is now attacking children as well.

Black fungus was confirmed in a 15-year-old boy in Ahmedabad, after which he had to undergo surgery. Recovered from Panchkula. However, now he is out of danger. Who is in it that I am doing the board. It required a 15-year match which was admitted on 14 of the previous month with the same symptoms as the court. It had a lot of trouble breathing and was less than oxygen. Upon reporting it was found to be court positive. It also required a significant amount of oxygen in its CT scan during Melissa’s treatment. 10 to 15 liters per minute of oxygen was given, but the very next week after discharge, the baby was born with new symptoms in which she had a toothache and a small wound in the palate.

When the wound and toothache were done, it was found in the endoscopy that in the child who underwent surgery, half of his right palette palate was removed and the teeth above the right side also had to be removed after surgery. . A dangerous case has come to light in Surat. Nose ears There were no signs of fungus inside the ears. Fungus was infecting the patient’s brain. The 30-year-old patient is being treated. Preparations have been started for the fight with fungus. Agra, reserved for treatment of fungal patients in 30 beds after Akshay’s death in Kanpur, is still under preparation. The district administration arranged for the fungus to be treated at the SN Medical College 6th Ward. Medicines fee was deposited. We have made our arrangements for tampering with our medical in Agra district. Doctor Akhil is an assistant professor and has been given this responsibility.

Totally 4 cases have come so far, he has done a confirmed case. The medicine that we have from the headquarters has also come. In Haryana, eight people have died due to increasing cases of fungus. The first case of fungus occurred in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. There are 21 patients admitted in Noida near Delhi. Like 24 patients of fungus in Ghaziabad near Delhi, Karuna has no new disease for medical science but still it has not spread like an epidemic, the way of infection of black fungus is necessary because the mask is also clean. And hygiene is one of the major reasons for the possibility of psychosis. If we use meat again and again without washing, it will reduce us if we live in places with high humidity. People who do good hygiene maintenance, who wash themselves constantly or sanitize them, instead of those who wear them frequently, people are more likely to be Bhimpur than those who live in moisture or those who are recovering from the post. Or those who have rights. Gold India may be a new virus for the world, but fungus has been present among us for a long time. According to reports, the fungus soil tree is in many places, so it is necessary to protect such children. Fungus has more presence of fungus in one type of moldy soil.

Prevent children from playing in the sun. Children must wear masks to change masks at a certain interval. Keep your hands clean on a regular basis. Fungus is directly related to the weather. At this time, there was rain in many parts of the country. The weather was cold in many places due to the storm of Davate. The infection is also spreading because of this. My common language is called. Its sports when summer season will come summer season. meaning. If the sun increases, then it will be more in the sports environment. Even at the end, it has zero. When there is moisture, the branches that grow where the black fungus is growing and take the growth of its path and spread in its sports environment during the dry season. New disease has started in the country.

The government also gave license to five leading companies of the country to manufacture medicines to fight the black fungus. The biggest challenge is that due to Poorna, the hospitals of the country have had to make big hospitals. At the same time, the hospital is still full. In such a situation, another mission to fight new epidemic, new medicines and save new life has started in the country. Black Fungus Infection Symptoms in easy way.

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